Turn off splash screen?

I’m happy with Timeframe over Timelime. My only issue and the one that is about to make me uninstall Timeframe is the popup every time I reboot, reopen Timeframe. The huge splash screen every time is more than a little annoying. If it requires an upgrade to get rid of the splash screen, let me know and I’ll go back to TimeLime.

Thanks, I’m glad you are happy with the app!

Yes, in the free version, the Timeframe store window is shown at every app launch. I put it there only to not be as annoying to the user. Timeframe is designed to run all the time in the macOS menu bar. Once the app is launched, you won’t see any pointer to a paid version anywhere in the app.

But I understand now that some users might launch the app several times a day if they don’t like to see the Timeframe status item in the menu bar.
I’ll modify the code for the next update so the store doesn’t show at every launch.