Trials of both paid plans separately?

Hello! Former long-time user (then abandonee, sorry!) of Timelime here. I’m interested in trialing the Business plan for up to 14 days mainly just to check out the advanced CSV export, and then potentially trialing the Personal plan for up to 14 days after that to see how the basic CSV export compares.

Is this something I can do, or will the software limit me to one trial? I’m okay with doing 7 and 7 days if it limits to 14 days total, but I really want to check out both plans separately. Is it set up to allow for either separate trials or switching paid plans within the trial without losing trial status?

Hi, and thanks for your interest!

That’s a good point! I should clarify on the website what’s included in each subscription plan.

The way it works is, you can only do one free trial of two weeks. So you can’t switch to a different subscription and start another trial period.
But if you try out the “Timeframe Business” subscription, you can try out all CSV export functionality. The business version adds the “Reports” view in the main window, which includes CSV and PDF export. In the personal version, there is just the CSV export that’s accessible from the “Timings” view, which is similar to the one in Timelime.