The text for a new entry typed in the Menu Bar is not always reflected on the Timings window

  1. I made a new entry and added text through the menu bar option.
  2. To confirm this new text, I make a click outside the entry window. This action closes or hides the window, but the text is not reflected in the Timings window.
  3. I try to confirm in a different way, making a click on the Timeframe menu bar button. The menu bar disappears, but the text is not reflected on the Timings window.

Sometimes this action works just fine, some times it does not.

In the past, I reported a similar behavior on Timelime. I said that probably the “copy & paste” process was missing something and you fixed it right away.

Thank you

Thanks for the report!
Unfortunately, I’m unable to reproduce this.
When you click on the color button in the Timings window, is the added/edited note reflected in the popover?

When this happend the last time, no the note was not reflected in the popover. This odd behavior happens only from time to time. I will try to gather more information. Thank you Nico.

Nico, I managed to screen record a strange behavior that could be related with this post. A copied text cannot be pasted on the text window or the popover.

Please download the video on the WeTransfer link:

Thanks for the screen capture, Tomas! I released an update yesterday that fixes the copy&paste bug.
I also made some changes in code that should fix the “note not reflected in Timings view” issue. Can you please check again?

Hi Tomas,
Just wanted to let you know that the latest Timeframe update (version 2.2) fixes another bug that can cause the newly typed note text to not appear in the Timings window.

Thank you Niko for letting me know.