Sync with iPhone

I used to have TimeLime on my Mac and iPhone and they synced fine via Dropbox. I just installed TimeFrame and I wonder how/if I can sync this with TimeLime on my iPhone? Or there be a new app for the iPhone as well?

Yes, unfortunately Timelime won’t synchronize with Timeframe. However, I plan to release a new Timeframe for iPhone app later this year.

Thanks @niko

I love the stats and calendar view of TimeFrame but will need to stick to TimeLime until the iPhone app is out. I don’t really need any features on the iPhone other than data entry but this is crucial for me.

I understand @gozza. I’ll release an iOS app with basic functionality first.

I would also vouch for this to have the iPhone app with even limited capabilities available. Both of us with my wife use the same tasklists / grouped on different taskgroups assigned to each of us. Data synced by iCloud between different apple devices.