PDF Invoices

So far, Timeframe Business comes with a PDF timesheet report with limited features:

  • show/hide columns (day, date, time, category, task, duration (decimal or hrs/mins), rate, sum, note)
  • group Timings by Day & Task
  • add custom text to header and footer
  • adjust font size

I’m working on adding proper invoicing features and am very interested in your ideas for making the PDF reports more useful. Possibly adding another type of PDF export to the existing timesheet report.

Please share your ideas here and help make the Timeframe PDF report view better. Any other additions to the billing functionalities in the app to improve invoicing are also welcome.

Hey Niko,

Love the app! Use it daily for my billings. Wanted to put in a feature request here. I love the configurability of PDF invoices.

For the “Note” section, it automatically includes both the exact time logged, plus the typed note for that timing. I would like to exclude the exact time from the Note, and just include the custom description. Would it be possible to split out the exact timing into another configuration option?