Iphone compatible app

Hey Niko. Been a fan of timelime for years and am looking forward to your new venture. I just have to share that a quintessential feature, for me, with regards to the tracking aspect of timelime, was the iphone app that worked in seamless harmony. Being able to have a device on me that i can quickly activate and deactivate a timer and then have it sync to a beautiful layout at home was the true beauty for me. This being said, I will be sticking with timelime until I see the possibility of a similar feature. Your designs and overall app functionality is superb and I am a fan, just can’t be fully onboard unless that is addressed.
Hope the input was valuable and not just sour grapes.


Thanks for the feedback @app_mahi! I’m so happy to hear you are a fan:) I’ll be adding an iOS app to Timeframe as soon as possible.

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