How do I summarize time over multiple days/weeks per task and or group of tasks?

I need to get an overview of the total time spend on some tasks in a certain week or month. When creating a report I only can aggregate per task & day.

Is it possible to customize the aggregation conditions? Such that I get the hours reported per task or group of tasks and for a flexible date range?

You are talking about the PDF timesheet report, right?

Currently, you can only have one Timing, or a group of Timings (aggregated by Task & day), in each line of the PDF.

I could add a new type of PDF report, similar to the CSV - Tasks report, showing one Task per line, aggregating all of its Timings in the selected date range. Would that help?

Hi Niko,

I was indeed talking about the PDF Timesheet report.
I did not know that the CSV report/export could summarise per task. Thanks for directing me in that direction.

For now that will work. However, I would appreciate is the same grouping could be included for the PDF report.

Thanks and cheers!

Hey Wido,

Thanks for the suggestion! You are right; the PDF reports also need the grouping by Task feature. I will add a Tasks report as soon as I can.