Holidays and Weekends Included in Reports

Is it possible, when exporting timings, to have the option to include holidays and weekends? For instance, I use the .csv file to create a table that will spread the days out horizontally with categorized times below each date. I would like to be able to export those days not worked, with weekend or holiday as the task, with zero as the timing.

I’m trying to implement this feature now, but I’m unsure how the CSV file would need to look like. Can you please outline a short example CSV file with weekend/holiday “tasks” included? Thanks!

Hi Niko,
This site doesn’t allow me to upload a pdf, so I sent you an email.

Hi Jeff,
I have implemented this feature now and will release it with the next update.
Please try it out then and let me know if it works for you…

Also, I have enabled pdf attachments in this forum now.

Thanks, Niko!

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Niko, I installed the update (2.4) and ran a report. The new feature is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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