Formatting of Report Start/End date?

When selecting a task, and then viewing the report, how do I change the start/end date of the category/task underneath the title?
In all categories, it shows up as starting on 1 Jan 1970, and ending 12 Sept??
And what’s the “275760” number that also appears after the date?
(This occurs on every report, on any task/category selected)

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 11.23.17

Thanks for reporting this bug!
However, I’m unable to reproduce it.
Can you please add a screenshot of your current settings in the title bar.
Something similar to this:

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AHA!!! I figured it out!!
In the calendar column, if you select “custom”, it defaults to the “1 Jan 1970 - 12 Sept 275760” date range shown in the report.
When I select “All Time”, it shows the correct selected time period:

It still shouldn’t happen… What if you go back to “custom”. Does it still show the wrong dates in the PDF?

Yes, when I switch back to “Custom”, it shows 1 Jan 1970-12 Sept 275760 again …

BUT : it only happens when no dates are selected in the calendar column. I’ve now selected “Today” first, and then back to Custom, and it’s gone.
It seems no selection defaulted to the entire date range.

Thanks for investigating this bug!
I still wasn’t able to reproduce it, but I made a change to the code that it won’t happen again…

The fix will be included in the next update.