Clicking on times in timing does not always highlight the time component

For some time now, I’ve noticed that when I double-click on a time component in a timing (say, hour or minute), it doesn’t always highlight. The entire timing gets highlighted as a row, but the time component does not.

This is not consistent. Sometimes the component does get highlighted, but more often than not it does not. I believe that the failure to highlight occurs most often if I open the Main Window from the menu icon and then immediately try to double-click on a time component.

If, instead, after opening the Main Window, I click out to the Finder or another app and then back to the Main Window, the double-click usually highlights the component.

So it seems as though the time components don’t realise that the window is active and so don’t highlight when clicked.

Thanks for reporting this, Mike! I have fixed it now and will release the fix with the next update.

Excellent! Cheers!